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Aboriginal Children's Issues
Briefs to the Standing Committee on Finance
Middle Childhood
Child Care
Children with Disabilities
Education System
Family Issues
National Children's Alliance
Romanow Commission
Social Union Framework Agreement
Social Infrastructure
Third Party Monitoring
Youth Issues

Aboriginal Children

button Policy Statement on Aboriginal Children (2005)

button Letter to First Ministers and National Aboriginal Leaders (November 2005)

buttonPolicy Briefing Note: Caring Across Boundaries: A Pan-Canadian Infrastructure Fund for Aboriginal Children and Youth (2004)

button National Children's Alliance Policy Paper on Aboriginal Children (April 2003)

Briefs to the Standing Committee on Finance

Pre-Budget Submission 2006 - Canada's Children and Youth: Securing our Future in a Competitive World

A Framework for Action: NCA Brief to the Finance Committee, 2005

Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance 2004 (November 2004)

button Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance - Issues and Policy Reccommendations (October 7, 2003)

button Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance - Issues and Reccommendations (October 24, 2002)

button Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance (October 2001)

Middle Childhood

buttonQuality Physical Education Programs Policy Brief [September 2006]

buttonEducation and Middle Childhood Policy Brief [September 2006]

buttonIssues Affecting the Well-Being of Canadian Children in the Middle Years [September 2006]

buttonRecreation in Middle Childhood - An Overview[September 2006]

buttonImmigrant and Refugee Children in their Middle Years[September 2006]

button Housing as a Social Determinant of Health Policy Brief [September 2006]

button Child Nutrition Policy Brief [September 2006]

button Inuit Children Policy Brief [September 2006]

button Aboriginal Children and Youth Policy Brief [September 2006]

button Mental Health in Middle Childhood Policy Brief [September 2006]

button Poverty and Middle Childhood Policy Brief [2006]

button School Age Child Care Policy Brief [2006]

button Middle Childhood Matters: Towards an agenda for 6-12 (November 2005)

button National Roundtable Proceedings: "Developing a Public Policy Agenda for Children Ages 6 to 12", Grimsby Ontario (July, 2002)

button Middle Childhood: Building on the Early Years (by Louise Hanvey, June 2002)

buttonFrom Precious Resource to Societal Accessory: Canada's children six to twelve years of age (by Robert Couchman, March 2002)

Children in Care

button Children in Care in Canada (April 2003)

Children with Disabilities

button Proceedings of the First National Roundtable on Children with Disabilities (December 2002)

button Children with Disabilities and Their Families in Canada, a discussion paper commissioned by the NCA for the First National Roundtable on Children with Disabilities, by Louise Hanvey (November 2002)

Education System

button Public Education in Canada (April 2003)


button Canadian Families and the Workplace: Work/Family/Life: Finding the Balance (April 2003)


button NCA Feedback on the HRDC "Knowledge Matters" paper (May 2002)

National Children's Alliance

button Speaking Out for Canada's Children: Community Action Guide, Federal Election 2006 (2006)

button The National Children's Alliance and A Rights Based Approach: Setting the Context for Discussion and Action - Policy Foundations (April 2003)

button National Children's Alliance: Recommendations for Canada's National Plan of Action for Children PDF Format OR HTML (June 2003)

buttonStrategic Directions: Building on Momentum (March 2002)

button Simon Says "Take a Giant Step Forward": Advancing the National Children’s Agenda (Summer 2000)

Romanow Commission

button National Children's Alliance Document for Presentation to the Romanow Commission (May 2002)

Social Infrastructure

Beyond Roads and Sewers: the Need for Social Infrastructure (October 2004)

button Investing in Social Infrastructure in Canadian Communities to Benefit Children and Families (October 2004)

Social Union Framework Agreement

button Submission to Review the Social Union Framework Agreement (October 2002)

buttonDiscussion Paper for the NCA National Workshop (December 2000)

Third Party Monitoring

button Accountability: Telling the Story of Canada's Children (October 2004)

button Third Party Monitoring of Canada's Promises for Children, Discussion Paper by Karen Kidder (November 2003)

buttonThird Party Monitoring of Canada's Promises to Children: Participants' Workbook (November 2003)

buttonThird Party Monitoring of Canada's Promises to Children: Workshop Proceedings (December 2003)

buttonThird Party Monitoring of the ECDI (March 2002)

buttonResponse to National Children’s Alliance Discussion Paper for Third Party Monitoring of the Early Childhood Development Initiative: A British Columbia Perspective, Prepared by First Call: Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition (March 2002)

buttonA model for third party monitoring of the early childhood development initiative in the Manitoba region, Prepared by the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg (March 2002)

Youth Issues

button Why Canada Needs a Youth Policy Agenda (April 2004)

button Public Spaces, Family Places Essential to Canada's Youth and Children (December 2002)


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